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SEO and Website Optimization

Services offered:

Joomla Montreal is one of the few companies that possesses the necessary expertise to support you totally and completely into the intricacies of setting up an international site. In addition to designing your site, which is a cornerstone of the overall appeal of your site, Joomla Montreal has a team of seasoned professionals who know a wide range of products that are not only complementary but also essential in obtaining the necessary visibility of your website. Just click on any of these items for more details.

Here are some examples:

  • SEO
  • Paid listings
  • Audit Website
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Search keywords, phrases and URLs exclusive
  • SEO and offsite location tracking

Moreover, Joomla Montreal prides itself by accommodating the specific needs of each individual client. We study strategic internet marketing, market research, customer research, competition, and this is just a few of the many ways in which we stand out brilliantly.


Website Design and eCommerce

Unique and customized Website Design. Redesign and/or migration of an existing site to Joomla! ®. eCommerce, SEO and Website Positionning. Read More...

SEO and Website Positioning

Want new visitors without having to lift a finger? This is possible by optimizing your website for search engines. Everything falls into place when designing your website. Read More...

Hosting, support and maintenants

Maintenance and scalability of a website are crucial. Some websites die at birth because they are not designed to evolve. Proper design of your website is essential. Read More...