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SEO and Website Positioning

SEO and web site optimization by Joomla Montreal
Joomla Montreal understands the subtleties between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Positioning. Beware, because there is a fundamental difference.

The difference between Referencing and Positioning on the Internet:

  • A good Search Engine Optimization allows the website to have all of the pages individually indexed and accessible to the search engines
  • Good Web Positioning is to be located in the top 10 search results when typing your keywords.

A good positioning is the direct result of proper referencing and Joomla Montreal has the habit of incorporating these two terms when describing the techniques we use to be actively seen by search engines.

There are is multitude of reasons we believe that if you are not found on the first pages of the search, it is likely that your website does not exist at all.

On the Internet, to make a link from page “A” towards a resource “B”, there is a reference made and in return one can reference the Contact page back from “B” to “A”. By extension, many consider a simple word in the search engine as referencing. Today this practice focuses on research tools, in particular search engines and search directories.

The first strategy requires an indexing phase (recognition) of the site by search engines, then a phase of positioning these sites on the natural results of search tools in a search made by users.

The objective of this process is to guide the positioning of a web page in the results!


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