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Website Audit and Performance Analysis

Complete audit of your existing site

For existing platforms, Joomla Montreal offers a comprehensive and detailed analysis of their current performance. We evaluate the usability, accessibility and several technical aspects, as seen from the point of view of robots used by search engines to locate your site.

It is always surprising to see how the web is full of sites with as many technical errors. Joomla Montreal knows how to keep your site safe from penalties that you may impose the search engines. We also identify any damage that have no real nuisance on your position when you request for technical changes to be undertaken.

Covering the impacts that may have your accommodation, the architecture of your site, indexing issues and external factors, Joomla Montreal offers real peace of mind, a keen eye and is updated via a comprehensive coverage of key issues affecting your referencing.

Have a nice site that is well ... Have a nice functional site increasing the quality of the user experience is better. But having a site that converts more than competition is what you need. Through an analysis of the site, Joomla Montreal proposes to evaluate the ergonomic criteria as set goals for your site and the navigation paths to get there.

The main objective of this study is to identify the features to improve or suggest the creation of new traffic on the site. This analysis becomes even more important when a visitor ventures into a funnel. We come then to maximize specific goals to improve the performance of your platform online. Joomla Montreal also works to make your site accessible to a maximum of visitors, while making their experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Following the implementation of minor or major modifications from the site analysis, our clients do not hesitate to schedule a second analysis, then another, and to continuously improve the experience of their users. In fact, although strategies to external sites offer tremendous growth opportunities in traffic, allow for periodic testing them to improve the user experience, and provide considerable value to your site. Thus, an implementation of planned new features will help you keep an innovator in your market.


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